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Mi-24V „H-305“ Zagreb AB, Pleso 1996
Monogram, 1:48

This model represents the Croatian Air Force Mi-24V „H-305“ at the time of flight for Aviano Open Day in 1996 thus making this Mi-24V the first „Hind“ of Croatian Air Force to attend an air show outside Croatia. H-305 was painted on the tail boom just before this occasion. Martin Šantak made this model using decal set no. 048003, but he backdated the suggested camo scheme to year 1996. Martin needed four months to get this model finished mostly due to many conversions and upgrades needed to get the solid Mi-24V.

MiG-21bis “107″ 21st FS Croatian Air Force, Zagreb AB
Fujimi, 1:72

This model represents the Croatian Air Force MIG-21bis “107″ later in its operational career, when the camouflage paints had lost the original tonality and some colour fixes/patches were visible. Model is made mostly OOB, with minor corrections on the fuselage and wheel rims, what corresponds to the “bis” variant. Željko Pračić used decal set no. 072001 (more convenient set no. 072009 was not issued yet) to finish this model.


Mi-8MTV-1 “H-211″ Divulje Airbase, Split 1999
Zvezda, 1:72

This model was made by Damir Ščrbačić, primarily as a test of the decals quality, so he did not bother himself correcting some inaccuracies of the model. Besides the crane, which was made of scratch, Damir removed flare launchers on the tail, made some changes on the undercarriage and made new pitot tubes and aerials. Several “in progress” photos of the model can be seen here. Damir used decal set no. 072004 to finish this model.

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