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800001   “Storm in Miniature”               rrp     12,90€

publisher: Signum Laudis, Zagreb, 2010
56 pages,  paperback,  format 16,5 x 23,5 cm,        160 photographs and maps

Bilingual: Croatian/English

A catalogue of the “Oluja” (“Storm”) exhibits photographic reproduction of 25 models and displays of the exhibition. As well as fundamental information and authentic historical photos, the majority of the models (depending on the model or author) are also accompanied by a more extensive description of modelers work.

The booklet contains a short review of Croatian military iconography during the Croatian War of Independence (“Croatian Homeland War”).

Furthermore, some sections contain groundwork about the tanks from the Second World War used in former Yugoslavia and in the Croatian War of Independence. They also contain first-rate information and photos about the exotic and authentic Croatian improvised armoured vehicles.

Other central texts describe Croatian military aviation and Croatian Navy during the Croatian War of Independence, and a brief history of scale modeling in Croatia.

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